Revenue Generating Ideas for Real Estate Brokers

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

As a real estate broker, how would you like to see $8k in passive income in your pocket? How about $1k or more per transaction? What would you do if you could add $100k-175k to the profit-share of your team?

The whole game of real estate is about getting out of the small stuff and into the bigger stuff. Get out of the paperwork and get into the lead generating.

For every transaction a real estate agent does, there is about 10-15 hours worth of paperwork that comes along with it. And that’s assuming you’re an agent who stays pretty organized, which many don’t. On top of that, how many transactions have you had where closing was jeopardized because of a small detail missed? How many times have you delayed your own paycheck by missing signatures or deadlines?

As a broker managing many agents who are all struggling with this, there has got to be a better way to keep it all straight. You could hire a transaction coordinator. Doing so streamlines the process for everyone involved. They ensure paperwork is done and remove liability. The file will be complete sooner, and everyone gets paid quicker. But even though I’d pay $400 to a TC to never have to think about prorations again, often even TCs are only getting by with a spreadsheet and a prayer.

There has to be something better. Something a broker knows is a thorough, dependable transaction coordination service they can count on without fail. This is where CPros enters the picture.

CPros is a transaction coordination service and beyond. Their work is so dependable that companies that know they’re handling the transaction will release funds before paperwork is even complete. So you can say goodbye to the days of your paycheck being held up by missing signatures.

CPros does it all: Transaction management, agent services, web-based, live-updated products. They don’t just coordinate the transaction, they drive it, and generate leads at the same time. They have local runners who will provide sign install, courier, and mobile notary services. They will competently handle every single aspect of the transaction that is non-fiduciary, so you and your agents don’t have to. On average, this will save you 10-15 hours of work per transaction. At $100 or more an hour, that is a savings of between $1000-1500 each time.

CPros comes to a new area when a broker can bring a minimum of 500 contracts per year to the table. Once CPros opens the area, that broker now has a 25% ownership of the area, which makes him or her a part owner of the territory. That means that the broker will benefit from every brokerage thereafter that opens up in the area.

For agents, every agent they refer to CPros will earn them a 5% revenue share for anything that agent does. One agent who is a top referrer has earned about $8k in a year doing so. One family in New York bought Dogecoin for $8k, as a joke. Now they’re millionaires. Team up with CPros and become a cryptocurrency mogul? Maybe! However you choose to spend that $8k, that’s $8k in your pocket that you didn’t have to spend a minute working for. The agent referred wins. The referring agent wins. Everyone wins.

Cpros operates somewhat like a title company, adding $100k plus in profit each year to your bottom line. If you profit-share with your team, this could benefit everyone involved. They also have over 30 national partnerships with affiliate businesses- everything from title companies to home inspections- and all profits gained are split among CPros and whoever owns that territory. Furthermore, if you take full advantage of their in-house affiliate benefits, you could increase that additional profit to $175k, annually.

A service like CPros can only benefit your brokerage. Don’t wait to generate multiple revenue streams for your business. If you decide to give it a shot, make sure you tell them I sent you, and they’ll waive your setup fees.

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