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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Technology has changed the face of marketing in the 21st century. There was a time when using a billboard, newspaper, or some other printed product was a somewhat effective vehicle for marketing. But then you would only be seen by the people who drove past that billboard or read that newspaper. Now? Digital media is the way to go. And the king of digital media is social media.

The majority of people you know are on social media. Everyone is looking at it, but not everyone knows how to use it effectively. Most people are posting about what they’re doing all day long, as if we all want to know those kinds of details about their life. Most real estate agents are posting about their latest closing, being under contract, getting a new listing. But does anyone really care?

You have to bring your customers value and stand out from everyone else. So think about it: What does your message say? What makes YOU stop to watch someone else’s video?

The answer to these questions starts with knowing your audience. Demographics will tell you who is watching your videos and for how long. Deliver what they want, not what you want them to want. Most people will be interested in you when you post about things they’re interested in, and often, people are interested in things that are local; restaurants, people who serve in the community, information that will help them in their day-to-day life, etc.

Once you figure out how to reach your audience, the possibilities are endless. Think about it: most people have 1000 friends on social media. If 52 of your friends share your video with their thousand friends, suddenly that’s 52,000 views. Do that 3 levels out, and it turns into millions of views. You only have to make it once, and it lives on forever. Take it a few steps further by optimizing your headline, getting a good thumbnail, having quality audio and video, and marketing it properly, and people will continue to find it over and over again.

In an industry where we’ve been trained to talk non-stop to our audience about the market, and how many homes we’ve sold, how do we make the transition into making more videos?

It’s easy to remember this acronym: UPAD. It stands for Understand, Plan, Action, Discipline.

Understand: Look at what you’re doing now, and how far your reach extends. Is it always the same people engaging with your posts? Your mom? Your agent friends? Or are they random people? Chances are, they’re the same people. You need to work toward engagement from people who don’t already know you.

Plan: Make a plan for how to extend your reach. Choose which videos you will make, what the content will be, and how that will bring value to your audience. It can be something scheduled ahead of time, where you interview the business owner and some customers. Or it can be a quick pop-by, where you talk about the business and how much you love it. You could talk to home inspectors about how to care for and maintain a home, HVAC companies about servicing equipment, roofers, and more. Make sure you create content that will appeal to a wide range of people. Vegetarians might not always want to hear about BBQ joints! Diversify your content, and you will appeal to far more people.

Action: DO IT. Call the business owners. Drop by their place of business. Ask the questions. Buy the equipment. Learn how to use it. Then get out there and create content.

Discipline: Be consistent with this game plan on a regular basis. The more consistent you are, the more your audience will come to rely on you, and expect great things from you. This will help YOU be the first person they think of when they decide to enter the market, or have questions about it.

As a broker, you serve the community. You should be a pillar of that community. Get to know business owners, along with their products and services. Be an advocate for them, and they will be advocates for you. Possibly even clients, one day. Don’t let fear, and lack of time and knowledge stop you. The National Association of Realtors says that 75% of buyers and sellers go with the first agent they talk to. If you’re positioning yourself as an expert in this market, you’ll be that agent they see first.

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