Overcome Fear and Use it as Fuel

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Are you being held back by fear?

It is no secret that many of us are held back by fear. It does not matter whether going to campus as a freshman, 1st day on your first real job, listing appointments, growing a team or business. We all experience fear.

Successful people will use fear as fuel. In fact they look at fear very differently. Most people look at a situation and experience fear which then hold them back from committing fully or developing the confidence that they deserve to execute at a high level.

Successful people have the same fears…

Yet they internalize it differently. They do not let it hold them back, they embrace it. They embrace it as a vehicle to overcome the average. If you talk with most successful people, they identify and focus on a few key elements to bring their idea to fruition. They had the courage to take the first step. Somewhere along the line they determined, “I cannot and will not fail, that is what ‘THEY’ are expecting.”

Successful people are competitive…

So much so that they know in their minds they must silence the critics. Prove all the people wrong. This can only be done when fear is transformed in to positive energy.

Imagine jumping off a cliff in to a deep quarry…

The fear looking over the edge, the fear of the first step, the gut wrenching feeling that you feel when you are free falling. Then you splash in the water and the adrenaline is so much you feel intoxicated. Ya, that is the same thing successful people feel when they internalize fear and accomplish their goals or reach benchmarks.

If you want to reach for something great, you need to come out of your comfort zone…

The comfort zone is the zone of mediocrity. That is why most people do not leave the comfort zone. But for those willing to feel the pain, take the chance, be uncomfortable… Success is yours.

Just go for it…

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