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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

When lead generating, there are many things you can do to stand out from the competition. For one, never underestimate the power of referencing local businesses and hot spots. Community events, churches, subdivisions, nonprofit, schools, businesses - people are far more likely to open emails or listen to what you have to say when they see you as a member of their own community.

Some people like to cold call. Some like to knock doors. They spend hours a day doing that. I’m not that guy. I’d much rather leverage technology to save me time and put money in my pocket.

Which brings us to Cole Realty Resource, a data aggregation platform that helps real estate agents generate custom leads. You give them a street and zip code, and they can tell you things you need to know about the area. You can filter by 150 demographics, such as age and time they’ve owned a home. Once you’ve collected that information, then you can plan out how to engage the group. Host events that will interest them, find them on community Facebook pages, and offer information in those groups that will draw them in and provide them value. If you’re making videos, which I hope you are, take those videos and turn them into a newsletter. Customize them by neighborhood or other demographics.

The process is simple: pick a neighborhood first. Make it an area that you frequent often, and have reasons to be in, to increase the likelihood that you might run into potential clients or have organic ways to build relationships with them. Then, pick the client avatar that you are interested in playing to most. Make sure it is a group that resonates with you, that you have a lot in common with and can speak the language of. Then, use the information gathered by Cole to target those people even more strategically. Put on community events, charities, partner with nonprofits and other local organizations, to draw them in.

The best way to describe this entire process is hyperlocal, with a multi-channel approach.

There are many ways a broker can use Cole Realty Resource to enhance their business. The first way is with lead generation. You are probably already spending a chunk of change buying leads for your agents. But how good are they? How expensive are they? How much of that expense are you paying yourself? Cole helps you generate leads more strategically, and target those leads in a more effective way.

The second way a broker can benefit from Cole is with agent recruiting and retention. A service like this will draw agents to your brokerage, because the agents can feel supported and empowered to go after quality leads. Once they’ve used the platform and seen how effective it can be, they won’t want to go anywhere else!

There is some variation in plans and pricing. Individual agents pay $1,000 per year. As soon as you involve a team, the more agents you enroll, the lower the price per agent. For those who are unable to afford this, there is still hope! If they can find just 10 agents to sign up, Cole will reduce the price per agent to only $295 per year.

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