Long Form vs Short Form video

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Long video, short videos, vertical, land scape square OMG what is best.

Have you ever looked at creating a video marketing strategy for social media but are overwhelmed with all the choices and platform requirements?

Hi, I’m Johnny Mo, founder of Explore My Town, a national video production and broadcasting company and today I am going to help you gain clarity when deciding should I do Long Form or Short Form video.

There was a time where we pretty much followed YouTube’s lead and made videos that were 10 minutes long and in 16x9 format. But as you know we now have stories, reels, shorts, TikTok which all take a 9x16 format and most are less than a minute.

So What gives?

What Do you do?

You really should wear two hats here, a long form creative and short form creative one.

For your long form videos, these tell a story, are more well produced and offer a lot more info. They become hesitation videos that are found in searches and live on for basically eternity. Think Youtube.

The videos never go away unless they are removed. These videos you take more time to create, maybe you ad some graphics. You research keywords for the perfect title and write a beefy description with a link or call to action.

There is much more to this strategy, this is meant to just give a quick overview.

Then there is the short form videos for reals, stories, shorts and TikTik - Yes I know TikTok can go much longer but it got it’s start with short form and it is still the preferred video type on the platform.

These 9x16 videos can be created through out a period of time with videos on the phone, stitched together or recorded live. They are short, often funny and tell a quick message.

It has 1 purpose, get attention.

For our clients at Explore My Town we focus on producing and editing the Long Form videos for our clients. It is part of the game plan. We tell stories of the community and other peoples businesses. Yes you can do this with TikTok, stories or Reels and that is the point, the long form takes longer to edit while the short form is immediate.

While we focus on those larger well produced pieces, we also repurpose (aka use what we have) to make a smaller video which is under 60 seconds in both square and 9x16 vertical formats. This allows the client to post a professional piece on all platforms, even Google.

However, we also suggest making short form videos in vertical 9x16 format too. When the client is filming they are coached to film in 16x9 to have a wide angle capture.

But, we also suggest filming in vertical 9x16 for a few quick scenes. This allows for the creation of a teaser video which is used to get attention and drive traffic to the bigger video.

This is why my answer is Yes when people ask me if they should do Long Form or Short Form video.

Till Next Time,

Johnny Mo


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