How To Rebound After Hitting a Wall

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

We have all been there in one way or another.

Sometimes it is a relationship

Sometimes something financial

Sometimes it is losing a parent or loved one

Sometimes you just feel stuck like you have always done well and now you are stuck, not knowing what to do and watching everyone else blow it out of the park.

Maybe you have been grinding so hard with your head down and you get to the top and look back at the mess you made.

There are 100 different scenarios

But the question remains

How do I rebound?

How do I get back to normal?

How do I get my finances back in order?

I wish I could say it is a simple answer.

I wish I could just say do A B C and boom everything is back to normal.

But instead, I will say what you received is a gift.

You may not think it is a gift, but it is a gift for some reason and the moment you accept that it is a gift and accept it and you are grateful for the very littlest things in lift is the moment that you can start to appreciate the greater gifts again.

Sometimes this process is a deep internal look at yourself

Or take a look around you.

Are you being the very best version of yourself?

Are you living with a purpose?

Are you simply living?

This is the first step in rebounding.

I want you to listen very closely. Sometimes we just need to say F$*# it.

If you are rebuilding and your credit is banged up. Then fine, it is banged up. You know that you are doing something about it and good credit is delayed for but a moment in the grand scheme of time.

You might need to say no to bad influences, or toxic friends who keep you from reaching your dreams.

You might need to walk away from someone you love.

I know it is not easy, but when you go through the workbook and identify what is really holding you back you will see clearly.

Often our suffering comes from an attachment to an outcome or expectation. When we remove that expectation there can be no suffering.

Take a look at what is important to you.

Take a look at what fears you have or what holds you back.

Be honest…. This is your workbook.

You must first acknowledge what the issue really is.

Then you must accept it I mean really accept it.

Then release it. Sometimes you write something on paper then burn it and say You no longer have control over me and let it go.

Then Move On.

Putting it all back together.

Now with that behind you, it is time to put the pieces back together. Stronger. Better

What brings you peace and happiness. For me, I realize when I was putting it back together that the big house, the summer home, the boat, and the camper did not bring me happiness. But what I did was spend time with my children. Being there for them after school to talk and hang out meant more to me than anything. So I gave up lots of big fancy things and replaced them with time.

I realized I made a lot of money and I have the rest of my life to make even more. But I only have a small window with my children. Now 18 and 17 I made the right decision because the decisions they are making make me proud.

What is it you really want?

What drives you?

What income do you need?

How are you going to attain it?

What activities do you need to do every single day to reach these goals?

What I have always found through my rebound was when I helped people,

When I received positive feedback

I grew a little bit inside.

I continued to eliminate toxic people and situations. While it became lonely in a way, it also brought peace and quiet which allowed me to think.

Sometimes we need to implode before we explode into something great.

Or we need to get small before we get big.

Just like an explosion. Even an atomic bomb. There is an initial blast but the pressure is so great it causes another explosion which creates the mushroom cloud up to 10 miles high.

Take some time. Figure out what drives and stops you. Often the simplest mindset shit is all it takes.

Do not let others' criticism control you. If they are not doing what you are, if they are not beating you. Screw em.

Find people who build you up not tear you down. Then help people. The more people you help, the better you will feel and the more people you talk with the more opportunity will present themselves.

Till next time,

Johnny Mo

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