How to Ignore Critics

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Ignore Haters

It is crucial that in an endeavor that you Ignore Haters. Failure to ignore these naysayers will start to build self-doubt in your mind. This self-doubt will lead to fear and that fear will immobilize you. The funny thing about fear and self-doubt, they are self-created so therefor they can be self-destroyed.


When you grow in business and in life you must continually take inventory of the circle of people that you are around most. It is said that you are the sum of the 5 people that you are around most. Why is that? When these people influence you with their words and actions. The subconscious is very receptive to everything that is happening around you and controls your movements, thoughts and ideas.

Some would say that your cells eavesdrop so feed it positive thoughts. I agree but to go deeper you need to control and reprogram your subconscious. By being around a circle of friends who are supportive, positive and have integrity it will help you become a better person in those areas as well. Within my own journey, I removed everyone from my life who did not believe or support me in my ideas. By replacing these people with others who believed in me, pushed me to do better, forced me to be a better in all areas of my life both in business and personal realms.

Most often people criticize because they are fearful of the person doing it or doing it themselves so they try to bring everyone back to their small level.


This is crucial and may sound a little crazy, but often time the crazier the more brilliant. In fact, this concept goes way back to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Before we become we must believe. What does this really mean? Simple. Every single day you get dressed for work. Wear nice clothes that make you feel good and look professional. Act properly in public as other successful people do. Always be on point and ready to converse and convert.

Walk the walk and talk the talk. Once you start to feel like a successful business owner then you will become one. Again following heavy on step 1. Do not care what the critics say. Do what you envision, what you feel is right and it will become so.

The universe has a funny way of knowing what you want and need and if you strive for it, it shall be provided…. Eventually


While I would love to say I mean chocolate chip cookies I don’t. I mean knowledge and positivity. Every single day you need to be feeding some form of motivation or positivity into your ears and mind. Please do not say you do not have time…. You have a ton more than you think.

With a cup of coffee in the morning, listen to 5-10 minutes of something positive. Download an audiobook and listen to a chapter every morning. On your drive to the gym or office. At lunch, so much time. If you take 5-10 minutes per day away from email, social, or texting and just close your eyes and listen, amazing things start to happen. Once you start to elevate yourself internally and follow steps 1 and 2 you will start to develop a confidence that will win over a crowd, win more listings, and build businesses worth having.


One of my favorite people is Gary Vaynerchuck. It was not until I really started to go on my personal self-journey and develop self-awareness that things started to change. I already mastered steps 1,2 and 3 but something was missing.

When I became aware of myself, my strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and deficiencies I was able to then either adjust or focus in a laser-like way. I had many a long conversations in the mirror with myself. Yes literally looking at myself talking. See you can lie to everyone except yourself looking at you eye to eye.

While on this journey I found how important it was to let go of so many things that were holding me back. Once I accepted these things in my life they no longer were an issue that held me back.

This self-awareness taught me what I am good at, what I like and what I want to do. Then I focused only on that and I either let go or delegated everything else.

Examples of this. I dropped laundry off at wash and fold, hired a bookkeeper and assistant, have a maid come once per week, have people do my marketing and digital ads, etc. This frees up a ton of time from doing things I hate to do and suck at giving more time to focusing on the things I am good at and enjoy doing.

In conclusion, as you grow you will encounter many people who tell you that you should quit, don’t take the risk, or a rash of other anchoring thoughts and words. Remove those people from your life. Act and think it and then become it. Feed the beast and let it grow in your mind so big that it scares small-minded people and become aware of your strengths and GO FOR IT.

In the end, the only failure is regret.

Focus on your vision and Dreams,

Till next time,

Johnny Mo

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