How to Get Past Burn Out

Hey, listen, sometimes I get it, you get kicked in the teeth. It just feels like everything is going against you in a day, a week, a month you start to make progress then wham, whack back, right back to start. Do not even collect your $200.

I get it, man, I've been there. It's the cycle of the curse of a real estate agent. It's the curse of an entrepreneur. I get it, I’ve been there. But what I noticed and things that have helped me is I control what I can control. Sometimes I just have to shut the computer at two o'clock in the afternoon and walk away and say, I'm done.

I get it, your clients, you got people that are reporting to you whatever it might be, but you got to recharge your batteries, otherwise there'll be nothing left.

So stick to your commitments, do your meetings and shut everything off and get some time to yourself, breathe, regroup and re approach.

I like to shut it down, go get an ice cream, go for a walk in the woods, cook a nice meal and literally shut it all off for an afternoon and get a great night's sleep. Know what I found out? It will all be there tomorrow too.

I can tell you from experience, when you are burnt out, you and everything around you suffers.

Till Next Time,

Johnny Mo


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