How to get Business as a Real Estate Agent

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Building the foundation of a referral business

Identify up to 50 A Clients

Identify up to 10 Super Clients - And these may not be anyone you sold to and should include your Power Circle. read the article on the Power Circle

If you do not have this number of people in your sphere of influence, network or past clients then work with what you have but networking your face off until you get 50.

Define your marketing / follow up plan to them




Pop By’s

Network and study those you want to connect with, influential business, or community leaders.

Find a connection to them and get an introduction. Or be bold and make your own introduction.

How will you communicate with them? Be conscious of your verbiage. What is important to them? How can you help them achieve their goals, visions, passions?

People who like, trust and respect you are your greatest advocate. Imagine you have 5 and they refer 1 client every 2 months. That is 30 per year! Would that impact your business for the greater good? But I said 10 up above so no imagining that.

Yes, this is possible.

Yes, this is logical.

Yes, this takes work.

Help your clients solve problems.

Stay focused on the task at hand

Create rituals for morning, lunch, networking, friendships etc.

But since I founded a video production and marketing company there must be something to be said about the power of video.

Solve Problems, Bring Exposure and Help Others and you will get to that 50 in no time.

Focus on being happy and healthy

Now just DO IT.

Till next time,

Johnny Mo

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