How to Become a Real Estate Coach

Is there a secret weapon that works for coaching? A secret sauce? A website that will help you guide agents? According to Kristin, there isn’t. Instead, coaching is listening and asking the right questions. If you’re working with her, she isn’t going to tell you what to do, or make your goals for you. Rather, she will help YOU make your own goals. She will listen to the big picture of your life, and what you want for personal and business growth, and break it down into smaller, more attainable pieces.

The goal, as a coach, is to implement the principles of UPAD:

Understand: understand the issue. What does the client need and want? What is getting in the way of achieving this goal?

Plan: after you decide what needs to be done with the client, break down which actions they should take to get there into small, measurable actions.

Act: one of the most important functions of a coach is accountability. When someone is waiting on you, expecting you to succeed, and you have to face them and tell them if you didn’t, that can change the game. A good coach will always hold clients accountable.

Discipline: a coach will always make sure their clients understand what it means to be disciplined, and help them gain the skills to do so.

If you’re a broker, she will deep dive and find out why you want to be coached. She will get an overview of what’s happening, and what you need, then chisel it down to the smaller goals. Where do you need work? A good coach breaks actions down into tiny battles to win the war of your business.

A good coach won’t cheerlead more than is necessary. Because once you’ve achieved a goal, it’ll be time to move on to the next!

The people who don’t succeed in coaching are those who are not coachable or growth-minded. If you’re in a victim mindset, always blaming others for you not accomplishing things, then perhaps you are not coachable.

There are many different coaching certifications. Locker room requires a bootcamp, and others require different things. There are many different avenues, depending on who, why, and how you want to coach.

If you’re interested in becoming a coach, start by figuring out your coaching style. Then, research the different avenues you might take in order to get certified, based on that style. If you have any other questions about coaching, or if you’d like to sign up for The Locker Room coaching program, see the links below.

Kristin recommends the books The Four Disciplines of Execution and Co Active Coaching, for those who are interested in coaching.

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