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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Dan Stewart, founder of the Happy, has made it his business to write and deliver quality content for real estate agents and brokers. For agents, they produce new business from past clients and sphere. For agents and brokers, they create and deliver lead conversion content. And for brokers, they’ve built highly effective recruitment plans, which include software that supports the agent once they’ve joined the brokerage.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 89% of people said they’d work with the same agent again. Yet nearly all of the investment capital in real estate goes toward the generation of new leads. But what about nurturing our sphere? Why is no money being spent on that, when there’s clearly so much earning potential there?

For all types of lead generation, the conversation is the common denominator, it’s what we’re all trying to get to. And yet we spend so much time depending on our CRM to do everything for us. Instead, we need to be initiating conversations. When done right, those conversations are very effective.

According to NAR, we have 100 million digital leads that are created, for 5.5 million transactions. The average lead gets 1.5 phone calls and 2.07 emails from the agent, which is very little follow-up from agents.. As a broker, if you’re investing in creating leads, you need to make sure your agents are following through, and that they aren’t suffering from lead fatigue.

Most buyers are registering with 10 or so other agents. They’re getting drip campaigns and IDX alerts. They’re bombarded by everything being the same. We need to stop following up with a one-size-fits-all content. If you talk to your past clients and sphere, they’re doing business because of YOU, bot because of your marketing.

75% of buyers and sellers on average will go with the first agent they talk to. If everyone else is coming at them in the same way, but you’re different, then your odds increase 3 to 1.

Here are a few things that the Happy Grasshopper does, to nurture their leads:

  • Respond quickly, and with something that doesn’t look like an auto response. People see right through auto responses, and they feel it’s safe to just scroll on past them.

  • With lead sources that come in at all times of the night, you need to make sure that you don’t have an auto response delivered if it’s too late at night. This is a dead giveaway that the responses are generated by AI. Happy Grasshopper schedules their calls to go out during times when the lead isn’t likely to be sleeping or otherwise preoccupied.

  • For brokers who are wanting to engage in more agent recruitment, Happy Grasshopper will engage potential recruits in new and effective ways. Keep in mind that, it’s not about your model. It's about YOU! People want to get to know the person they’ve doing business with. In fact, one broker from Florida, who works with the Happy Grasshopper, tells a story about a time when he loaded 147 agents he would like to recruit into their CRM. They then sent out one email message. This email had a 46% open rate! Typically you’ll see a much lower open rate in real estate emails.

When having conversations with future clients and recruits, find out what they need and want? They often want collaboration, someone who shares their success, etc. Reach out by starting conversations about things they won’t ignore as easily. For example, send an email that says “Hey you crushed it in may. Congrats”

Email is NOT dead. It is still effective. It beats the next leading marketing by 42%. You have to send content that does not look like marketing. If it looks like marketing, it’s safe to ignore. Make it look like something that’s from a human. Those are important. Happy Grasshopper’s open rate is 41%, where the average in real estate is 12%.

Increase deliverability of your emails by following these few tips:

  • Ask questions in the subject line. Emojis are neutral, and don’t usually work as well as this strategy.

  • Don’t use HTML. Send a text email. It’s less likely to end up in spam. Don’t say “free, act now,” because that’s a sure way to wind up in a spam folder.

  • Make sure you combine large sends that are supported by small sends. If you add a large group of people, and you send too many emails out at once, you’re more likely to wind up in a spam folder. I find it best to send out less than 5000 at a time.

For people who know you well, there’s a series of emails Happy Grasshopper sends that produces at least 12 transactions per year for every 100 recipients who are known by the sender. They send them once every 3 weeks, and support it with 17 emails, 12 texts, 12 ringless voicemails, handwritten card. 41 touches per year.

For your former clients, make sure you acknowledge their birthday, the year anniversary of their transaction, as well as 6 holidays that you choose, once a quarter, a them a lead harvesting message. And of course, Happy Grasshopper can help with this, too.

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