Focus is a Key to Growth

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Don’t get dragged down!

It is very easy to get dragged down in to the drama or negative world of other people. Many times the people we are around the majority of the time are family, friends, partners and lovers. It is important not to allow the negative from their world subdue you. As we continue to grow and evolve in our businesses, we need to take a look around. Are the people I associate with growing too?

Raise the Bar…

If we are raising the bar for ourselves yet others around us are not, you cannot lower the bar back to that person/those people. If we do then we fail. Those people need to raise their bar to stay with you. One of the biggest regrets you could have is not going for it.

Who’s in Your Circle?

You need to surround yourself with like-minded and motivational people. People who push you to be the best that you can be. If you are going to the bars, drinking like a camel, staying out late or sleeping the hang over off, it may be time to elevate yourself a little.

Just Imagine…

Imagine a world where you can have anything you want. You see the sunrise every single day. You do not want for anything, you are eating healthy, working out and chasing your dream. When you start to see that dream come to fruition it is the most gratifying thing in the world. When all the sacrifices start to pay off and you can slow down for a moment and enjoy your success. Always stay humble and kind, do not forget the struggles.

Find your Vision…

If you want to grow, first you need to find your vision, then your purpose. Finally cut all negative people out of your life. This includes the naysayers, the greedy people, the takers and the ones without ambition. The initial pain sucks, but when you are free from that baggage you will soar to new heights. Negative people will destroy your focus, but you need to give them permission to do so. Stop today. If you are around anything negative, slowly start to remove yourself. You will thank yourself later.

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This was originally written in 2017 for More GCI but it is still relevant today and one of the best pieces of advice one can understand.


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