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Consistency is Key

When it comes to real estate lead generation, everything we do begins with consistency. If you’re doing most anything, but only once or twice, here and there, with no form, pattern, or repetition, you’re almost certainly leaving tons of money on the table.

When reaching out to your sphere, make a plan to cycle through and check in regularly. Decide what kind of communication you will have with them. Then equally important will be how often you’ll do so. Make a plan and stick to it. Some people in your sphere will actually learn to expect hearing from you, and will probably appreciate your continued efforts to know how they are.

When planning your social media efforts, make sure you create a plan that is sustainable for you. If you’re extremely busy and find it difficult to be consistent, then pick a schedule that is manageable for you. If it has to be less than you want, that’s ok. Less often, but consistent, is far superior to quick bursts of many things that then die off because you can’t maintain the pace.

Creating videos is an extremely important part of real estate, and can be very difficult to be consistent with. There are so many moving parts: lighting, sound, scripting, editing, and more. Plot out what you will do ahead of time. Leverage whatever systems you can to help remove obstacles from your path. And then don’t let anything get in the way of following through. If you’re struggling to maintain the pace, then intentionally adjust your goals to something more sustainable, or consider leveraging new systems to help you get it done.

As with everything in real estate, make a doable action plan and stick to it. This is the way to build an amazing referral based business.

Explore My Town is a company that helps you create incredible videos through coaching, training, scripting, editing, and distributing your videos. If we can help you be more consistent, and therefore successful, please reach out to me.


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