Have you started making your business plan for 2022? Or were you gonna wait until January rolled around before you thought about it? Beginning in mid-September, I tell everybody I know to start their goal-setting. Don’t start in December or January. If you wait that long, you've already missed opportunities.

When making your plan, ask yourself how many transactions did you miss this year that you need to make up next year? What's your average number of transactions closed? What's your close ratio? What are your conversion rates? What do you want them to be next year? Put a number down on paper. Then make a plan to work toward that number. Make a list of activities that you’d need to engage in daily, in order to reach the goals you’ve set. How much time would you need to spend each day on each activity in order to bring about the numbers you’ve set a goal to reach? Write it all down, and then start getting in the headspace to launch into this plan.

Set goals that will help you start to reach out to the people that you already know. Make a plan to always ask if people know anyone who is buying or selling a home, or if they’ll be looking to buy themselves. Always work on weaving your business into your daily life and conversations. Are you sending out a mailer? Holding an event? Build those things into your plan so you can bring them up, frequently. “Hey, keep an eye out for my holiday mailer!” Or, “Make sure you come to my dinner party!”

If you can’t afford to plan your own events, piggyback off of the events of others. Seasonal parties, festivals, markets are all great ways to get out into the community and invite your sphere of influence to join you.

Do yourself a favor and make these goals today. Then, start reaching out to your people now. Trust me, you'll thank me, and yourself, next year!

Till Next Time,

Johnny Mo

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