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Thanks for stopping by. Are you looking to add some Real Dynamics to your speaking or training event? Well, you have come to the right place. 

From live events to virtual events we can make it happen. The topics I enjoy speaking on are

Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Goals, Financial Discipline and Awakening

My Story

Working as a Pre Y2K networking engineer for some of the leading internet companies during the dot com era, I was exposed to high-level technology early on. This experience allowed me to carry those methods and skills over into real estate in the early 2000s.

I spent many years being a top agent because of these skills and eventually my love of technology lead me to build a small software company in 2013 called More GCI. This experience lead me to some very unique opportunities, including consulting with franchise and industry leaders, speaking at conferences, and special invite-only events. 

After exiting in 2019 I realized that there was still a large void in how community-centric professionals like real estate agents, loan officers, insurance agents, etc., remain relevant to their sphere or the community and how they network.

I also saw how they were doing video wrong, or not even doing it, however with all the stats and platforms moving predominantly towards video. So, I set out to create a system and methodology that took social platforms, video and technology and transformed the way networking is done and referrals are generated.


The end result,

Explore My Town

A simple, yet fun way to build a following in the community you serve through video, local information, and automation with a Done For You video production and marketing team.

Now we have partners across the country who are reaping the rewards of following a simple blueprint and trusting our production, editing, and marketing team.

Well, that was the cute stuff. The ugly stuff is this. Somewhere along the line, I became so wrapped up in status, material things, the money... All of it.


But I was miserable.

It took a market crash in 2008 and losing everything I worked hard to build and a divorce to set me on a downward spiral. I wandered lost for several years, despite maintaining a fragile vail of success. 

It took losing everything to find my Self. And that is the greatest experience I have ever had and where the story really starts IMO.  

The obstacles one must overcome, the perseverance and patience. Yes, I can talk to you about pain, defeat, and winning. It is possible with Purpose and Passion.


I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. My Link Tree 

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