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Reality is a blank canvas and you are the artist.

My Journey

I was a pre Y2K network engineer for a large dot com. In 2001 I entered real estate and quickly rose through many award levels, reaching the ReMax Hall of Fame in a short time. I found that most were not taking advantage of the web based systems and marketing the existed, or they were completely confused by it which allowed me to grow.

Around 2011 I went to KW and was immediately invited joined the ALC. It was in the market center, top 5 most profitable at the time, I developed More GCI - A goal planning application which grew in to a full fledged training program that allowed me to consult with several franchises and associations.

Always looking for ways to improve the industry I saw a need with video. Everyone wants to tell you to do it, but nobody is willing to help them produce it, edit it and market it, ya know... all the heavy lifting. They just want to sell you a course. So I developed Explore My Town, a Video Production and Marketing company that offers a Turn Key solution.

As I was building Explore My Town l had the opportunity to have a meeting with famed author Michel E-Gerber of the E-Myth Re-Revisted series. At the end of the meeting he said to me, "What ever you do, be revolutionary"

So I took his advice. Want to join the revolution?


Ways We Can Work Together

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 Explore My Town

Evolution Media Group is a a Done For You video production, editing and training company.


We take all the heavy lifting out of a video marketing strategy.

Simply follow a script,  shoot the and upload it. My team will professionally edit it and run the ads.

Are you ready to dominate? 

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Take a gander at the different training materials which are available on Amazon.


From personal development to starting in real estate to deep goal planinning or the mindset workshop, we have you covered.


Bulk purchases available, please email the support team

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 Believe Journal

The Believe Journal a creation in the way Johnny Mo's brain works. Designed to bring piece of mind, build confidence and elicit your creative thoughts.

Get it for FREE.

Get the Hard Cover

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